In our business, it is the end of each school term, which causes us to reflect on what has happened. Although all our schools are closed, we are still running today with our biggest Christmas Camp yet, running in multiple locations and doubling our numbers from last year.

Thinking of last Christmas, our biggest challenge was COVID. This term the challenges have been very different. With so many business areas growing, the team have had to make decisions on their own, choosing when to consult and collaborating when required. Some decisions were inevitably made for them, but they adapted and learned how to manage the consequences. Most of all, it has been amazing to see the team all pull together to get it over the finish line today.

Mistakes were made at times by us all, but the most important thing was that they were great lessons that have been learnt from. When passing on responsibility, expanding and developing into new areas this is to be expected, not for everything to run perfectly.

I recently had some feedback from friends who have known me and Non Stop throughout the 17 years. They were congratulating me on the company’s achievements, especially in these turbulent few years and asking to know our secret. My first thought was that I wasn’t 100% sure but I knew it wasn’t all me, it’s down to the team.

I’ve always believed in the potential of Non Stop and I never think about the barriers to growth, I just go for it. The team then follow and between us all we all have different skill sets to open all the doors. So picking and having the right team must be important but also learning from all the years of experience in the same industry and sticking together through the hard times has made us solid.

We are all overwhelmed with responsibility at times and get frustrated, but we overcome that, and we work on feeling excited by the potential .

Clare & I are lucky to work with this team. This picture is from our staff party on Saturday night.

Looking forward to us all switching off completely next week for well needed rest and family time and then getting back in the office to see what 2023 holds for us all.

From Alex: A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to everyone,
our staff, our schools, our parents and most of all our children