16 Year Anniversary!! 🎉🎉
Most businesses have just survived the most difficult two years of their history and Non Stop is no different. The reason that Non Stop is still here and still thriving is because our single focus in the first 14 years has been the same as in the last 2. It has been on giving as many children as we can the best possible experience of PE, sports and dance. We have made mistakes along the way, but keeping children at the centre of everything we do, is not one of them. On each anniversary, we think about all the children we have worked with, the ones who are now professional athletes, the ones who remain players/performers, supporters/spectators and especially those who have become coaches and teachers, some within the Non Stop Family. Thank you to everyone who has shared this journey with us the children, schools, parents and staff. We intend to keep doing what we love – creating opportunities for children to be active enabling them to be happy, healthy and successful.