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About Non Stop Adventures!

We work with a range of primary schools to design and deliver customised outdoor education events. There is lots of information on this page, but no two events are the same, so please contact us to see how we can work with your school.


Events like these can address aspects of the PE Curriculum, which are difficult to achieve in schools, but can also address other curriculum areas including Science and Geography.


Non Stop Adventures can arrange all the elements of your event:


Accommodation: We work at a variety of centres, and have an established relationship with Gilwell Park on the edge of Epping Forest. We can work at school sites or at any suitable venue and will help you to find a suitable location, based on the standard of accommodation required and the onsite activities required.


Activities: We put together the programme that you want. We have specialist skills within our team but will also engage with other specialists to provide a full programme for you. We will offer guidance on age appropriateness, budget and your specific educational objectives. All activities are fully risk assessed and insured. For a list of activities, click here.


Food: Schools can choose to self-cater or we can provide healthy, nutritious and tasty meals throughout your trip.


Total package: However you put together the individual elements of your programme, we take responsibility for the whole package making sure that your original objectives are being met. We will also assist you with parent communications and meetings, packing lists, organising transport, all as you require. Let us meet your targets in outdoor education.


Non Stop Action is a signatory of the Manifesto for Learning outside the Classroom. For more information visit www.lotc.org.uk



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