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Celebrating over 13 years of keeping children active in London - currently teaching over 15,000 children each week!!!

Non Stop Adventures - Activity Range

Camp Fire

A great time at the end of the day to share food, songs, stories and jokes.


Dance develops flexibility, strength and endurance whilst experiencing a sense of well being.

Games Design

Competitors turn instructors as the children design their own games to test the skills of their friends.


With 2020 just around the corner, we provide the children with all the exhilaration of the real thing with a medal giving ceremony to close.


Children learn the technical skills required to navigate around a course whilst practicing leadership and team work skills.

Night Games

Everything looks different in the dark, so a simple exercise becomes a real challenge.

Parachute Games

These games are mostly co-operative rather than competitive, developing team play. They offer children an opportunity to develop motor skills and physical fitness.

Sports and Games

We’re proud of our sports background and our enthusiasm for sports is passed onto the children. Sports include football, rounders, hockey and volleyball to name a few.

Team Challenge

The team have to work together to solve a problem, never as easy as it sounds.

Team Obstacle Course

Children learn the technical skills required to navigate around a course whilst practicing leadership and team work skills.


The children love this test of strength and teachers can’t resist getting involved.



Activities at Gilwell Park


Adventure Course

Make your way around this series of obstacles both individually and as a team. A number of challenges focussing on teamwork and communication will be set.

Aerial Trek (High Ropes)

Simply, an adventure course up in the air. Safely secured with a harness and ropes, you will bravely make your way across bridges, tightropes and balance beams. 


A combination of volleyball, basketball and trampolining makes an energetic and exciting individual or team game.

All Aboard (High Ropes)

Working together as a team of four, you will all aim to climb to the top of the pole and fit on a small platform high in the air - requires bravery and team work to succeed.


Requires precision, control and a steady hand. Learn and develop the techniques required to hit your targets.


Fellow group members will master the art of belaying as you develop your climbing technique on our purpose built walls.


Work with a partner to travel up this indoor vertical assault course.  Negotiate the balance beam, hanging tyres and cargo nets to reach the summit.

Crate Stacking

Requiring balance and confidence, this activity will push you to your personal limits whilst encouraging team working and communication.

Fan Descender

While fully harnessed, experience a free fall from the top of our high ropes course. Climb to the platform and step off. The specialised fan system will bring you to a safe landing.

Grass Sledging

No need to wait for the snow with these sledges on wheels. Keep your arms and legs inside as you zoom down our grass course.

Hike Routes

With a huge selection of routes surrounding the centres, ranging from 3 to 30km, there is something suitable for every group.

Jacobs Ladder

The only way to succeed in this challenge is to work together. This activity tests team work and agility as the beams get further apart the higher you go.

Jump Mats

Fully enclosed, these mats are a safe and fun way to try out your jumping skills.


Once you've mastered the basic paddle strokes on land, take to the water in your own personal kayak.  Your instructor will help you develop your skill and precision in the water.

Ladder Climb

Go head to head with an opponent as you both attempt to scale the flexible indoor ladders suspended from the ceiling.

Low Ropes

Encourages problem solving, balance and communication. At less than one metre off the ground, it’s ideal as an activity on its own or as a confidence-builder for higher activities.

Medium Ropes

Aiming to develop your confidence at height, these five-metre high balance beams will really test your balance and nerve.

Leap of Faith

Once you have scaled the 10-metre pole, will your jump be good enough to reach the trapeze bar suspended in front of you?

Raft Building

Your team builds a raft to carry them across the water - hopefully without sinking or falling in. Develop communication, co-operation, planning, teamwork and logistical skills.

Pedal Go Karts

Travel round our purpose-built course on our go karts. You’ll need a good combination of strength and coordination to keep pedalling during some fun games and tasks.

Picture Trail

Can you locate different areas of the site with only a close-up picture? Who will be the first to find them all in time?

Revolving Climbing Wall

Round and round it goes, but can you keep up? With the ability to alter the speed and incline, this challenging activity requires determination and skill.

Seesaw (High Ropes)

Suspended 10 metres up in the air, can you and your team get to the top and balance our seesaw?

3G Swing

As a team you will pull two people towards the top of the swing. Once suspended, they will pull the rip cord, releasing themselves into an exhilarating swing.


Take a dip with your group in the 25-metre heated outside pool - lifeguard included!

Team Building

A number of problem-solving exercises to get your group really working together.

Wobbly Pole

Scale the indoor pole suspended high from the ceiling – it’s not going to be easy for you as it wobbles around. 

Zip Wire

Travel at high speed while suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable. Determination and courage required.


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