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Celebrating over 13 years of keeping children active in London - currently teaching over 15,000 children each week!!!

Curriculum PE

Non Stop Action are innovators in teaching and learning. Over four years ago, we moved away from traditional coaching methodologies and restrictions and went forward with a service in Physical Education that has seen Non Stop Action become one of the most sought after providers of curriculum PE in the country, producing lessons that has lots of Headteachers talking about us.

DSCN03121So what makes us special?

Our teachers embrace teaching and learning, providing Physical Education that mirrors the experience children get in the classroom. Children will use Learning Objectives and Success Criteria to track their own progress in lessons and our teachers. Trained by our own Physical Education expert, NSA staff are confident practitioners who are confident with behaviour management, assessment and differentiation. Our lesson plans are written by qualified PE teachers with QTS to ensure that they are developmentally appropriate, safe and fun, using the latest pedagogical strategies in Physical Education.

How do we stay ahead of the rest?

Our Director of School Services (an experienced Primary school teacher and PE specialist) is responsible for the training of all of our staff. Of the training we provide she said, ‘From research, we know what makes great teachers: Pedagogical skills, Knowledge of subject, pupils and teaching resources; decision making that is differentiation and problem solving, and reflection in the form of critical thinking. These are not traits that we expect coaches to arrive to Non Stop Action being competent in them all. However, our extensive training ensures that these are embedded into our teachers before they become the Physical Education Specialists that we provide to schools.’

Can I see Non Stop Action in action?IMG 20170403 175327lowest
Contact our Director of School Services to see some of our teaching for yourself. We are proud of our teaching and the attainment of every pupil we teach and love the opportunity to show our work to others.

Put aside what you know of other ‘coaching’ companies, and consider lessons that are taught using the latest pedagogical strategies that make our lessons ‘outstanding’. To find out why everyone is talking about us, 
contact our Director of School Services  to arrange a meeting or to observe one of our lessons. We look forward to hearing from you!
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