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Non Stop Fitbag

Non Stop FitBag - Promote EYFS Curriculum & Physical Activity

The Non Stop FitBag is a physical activity pack aimed at the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children are given the opportunity to use the FitBag at home with the support of their families. 

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The FitBag helps pupils to increase levels of physical activity at home while playing fun games. It provides an opportunity to engage parents and promotes a strong school/family interaction at the beginning of their learning journey. It also allows schools to target PE and sport premium spending at the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The pack provides:

-       Resources linked to the achievement of EYFS curriculum objectives
-       An outstanding intervention for the least active children
-       Engagement with parents and carers in their child’s physical development

The pack includes:

-       3 FitBags
-       3 Resources Packs
-       3 Feedback Folders
-       Over 70 pieces of equipment

Price: £249 (+VAT)

Order by Friday 25th January 2019 to receive a 10% discounted price of £224 (+VAT) 

"A brilliant and easy idea to implement! Our pupils couldn't wait for it to be their turn to take the bag home. We noticed a difference in the child's gross and fine motor skills that helped their physical development. An easy way for parents to support learning at home."
- Charlotte Allan, Sacred Heart Primary School

For more details or to make a purchase please click here and complete the form or contact Anthony@NonStopAction.co.uk.

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