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Celebrating over 13 years of keeping children active in London - currently teaching over 15,000 children each week!!!

Meet the Non Stop Action Team!

We are always looking for individuals who are as passionate as us about teaching sports and dance and have experience with young people. You will also need to hold relevant qualifications. If you are interested in joining us, please email your cv to us at joinourteam@nonstopaction.co.uk

NSA-14 Alex Vainella Managing DirectorFounded Company in December 2005
NSA-1 Danny Scaglione PE Specialist / Management SupportJoined in February 2008
NSA-18 Clare Hegarty Business ManagerJoined in June 2008
NSA-8 Sam Prior PE Specialist / Head of FutsalJoined in September 2008
NSA-2 Jennifer Beasley Dance PrincipalJoined in April 2011
NSA-3 Lauren madden PE Specialist / Management SupportJoined in August 2011
Bradley Bradley Mace Sports CoachJoined in February 2013
NChiara-1-c Chiara Vainella PE SpecialistJoined in December 2013
David David Ansell Sports CoachJoined in September 2014
Jo Jo Atkinson Office AdministratorJoined in March 2015
Christian Christian Loftus PE Specialist / Head of Senior FootballJoined in April 2015
Callum A Callum Anderson PE Specialist / Head of Indoor FootballJoined in September 2015
Aarun Aarun Woodhouse PE Specialist / Head of Harrow CampJoined in November 2015
carly Carly Brown PE SpecialistJoined in June 2016
lisa_m1 Lisa Moorhead PE SpecialistJoined in September 2016
David Samuel Lodge Sports CoachJoined in September 2016
natalia Natalia Hyson PE SpecialistJoined in January 2017
rochelle Rochelle Reid PE SpecialistJoined in January 2017
Luke Luke Crosbie PE Specialist / Party CoordinatorJoined in January 2017
SimonSimon JonesPE SpecialistJoined in February 2017
JackJack SmithSports CoachJoined in May 2017
George%20ShGeorge SheehanSports CoachJoined in June 2017
PerryPerry MorganPE SpecialistJoined in September 2017
LucaLuca FiordilisiPE SpecialistJoined in September 2017
EmmaEmma TilleySports CoachJoined in September 2017
RachelRachel SmithPE SpecialistJoined in October 2017
StefanoStefano PalottaPE SpecialistJoined in October 2017
NSA-16 George Sotiri Sports CoachJoined in January 2007
SerenaSerena RossiDance TeacherJoined in May 2017
DanStefano RinaldiIT TechnicianJoined in September 2017
NoImageMillie TysonOffice AdministratorJoined in December 2017
NoImageNevin LiaSports CoachJoined in January 2018
NoImageDarcy KellySports CoachJoined in March 2018
MichaelMichael NearchouPE SpecialistJoined in April 2018
KyleKyle BlackwoodPE SpecialistJoined in April 2018
DanCameron SmithSports CoachJoined in April 2018
DanielleDanielle HoctorHead of Physical EducationJoined in September 2018
ZoeZoe PinsPE SpecialistJoined in September 2018
DanDan BartonPE SpecialistJoined in September 2018

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